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EVOKED is a visual research on Albanian informal
constructions. When the 1990s migratory wave
found coastal towns unprepared, the growth of
housing needs created a new type of land organization
based on a parasitic exploitation along the
coast road, where concrete frame buildings popped
up. The architectural diptych brings together 16
Albanian and 16 Italian architects who are asked to
work on the same photographed construction, to
elaborate and manipulate an unfinished house via
mixed media artworks. The expected output of this
exhibition is a public debate on the informal structures/
buildings that make most of Albanian built
environment. There is a need to become aware of
this reality that can not be demolished or ignored.
Architecture needs to reflect and find out new
visions to innovate their relationship with context/
environment/landscape and ways of occupying/
using/reusing and even completing the unfinished
construction works.

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